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There is nothing more exciting than seeing two great volleyball teams going the distance — to the end of the line — to a five-setter. This column will provide an off-the-court look at those athletes around U SPORTS volleyball, with five sets of questions on five different topics.

This edition features Regina Cougars outside hitter Ashlee Sandiford. She is in her fourth year of education.


It’s a game day, what is your pre-game meal?

Steak, uncle ben’s cheesy rice and broccoli mix and green beans.

What is your cheat day food?

Ice Cream, always ice cream.

If you had to cook one meal to impress, what are you serving?

I am killer at spaghetti and meat sauce, plus maybe brownies for dessert.

If you had to pick one meal to eat every day for the rest of your life, what is it?

Rice/quinoa, ground turkey and veggies.

You are having a dinner and can invite any person past or present, who is at your table and why?

James Franco, for obvious reasons.


What was it about your program that drew you in?

I had great teachers growing up and was influenced by them to become one.

What teacher/mentor has been most influential on you growing up in school?

I had so many mentors and teachers that impacted me, picking one is way too hard.

The one academic achievement that you are most proud of?

Receiving academic all Canadian twice in a row at the University of Regina

What are the necessities in your bag everyday for school?

MacBook, headphones, wallet, inhaler and food. Lots of food!

What is the best advice you received to balance school and sports?

Make time for yourself. Although balancing school and sports is difficult, everyone does it differently. For me it was finding that balance for yourself and treating yourself.


Pop Culture

What is on your resume playing on Netflix right now?

Jane the Virgin, I love that show!

Who would you want to play you in a movie? Why?

If I could play anyone in the movies that Jennifer Aniston stars in, I’d be happy.

What was the last non-textbook that you read?

You Can’t Touch my Hair by Phoebe Robinson

Growing up what tv/movie/book character did you always want to be?

I loved the book Matilda and could probably recite every line in the movie.

What fad/trend do you wish would come back?

Real big hair.


Who was the toughest server you have faced?

My teammate, Taylor Ungar ☺

What has been your most memorable volleyball moment in your career?

Definitely going to Japan in my first year of eligibility.

What has been your personal favourite dig/kill/block/assist?

Not sure who we were playing, but in my second year (first year I started) I was set the ball and there was no block and just banged it straight to the floor. Best. Feeling. Ever

Developing your game over the years, what was the one aspect that didn’t come as easy to you as the others?

Serve Receive. I struggled at that for years, but over time I’ve realized the most important thing about passing is not perfect positioning, it’s confidence.

Chemistry is a big part of any sport, who was that one teammate that you just clicked with on the court?

My girl Tay Ungar



You are stuck on an island and you are allowed three items. What are they?

Clothes, unlimited watermelon and a blanket.

You can challenge any athlete to a 1 on 1 in any sport. Who is it?

I would challenge my Head Coach Melanie Sanford to a badminton match (even though I probably would have no chance in any sport against her)

If you had to choose a different sport to compete in the Olympics, what would it be?

Probably track and field. Or speed skating, those people look pretty cool out there.

What topic/thing would you be able to lead a 40 minute lecture on without any preparation before hand?

How to perfectly paint your nails with gel-polish.

What stat of your life would you want to see most? (i.e. number of Tim coffees consumed)

How much money I have spent on ice cream treats. Not lying it would probably be like $200/year.


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