Five Set Friday: Sim Gill

There is nothing more exciting than seeing two great volleyball teams going the distance — to the end of the line — to a five-setter. This weekly column will provide an off-the-court look at those athletes around U SPORTS volleyball, with five sets of questions on five different topics.

This edition features Saint Mary’s Huskies Outside Hitter Sim Gill. She is entering her third season and is studying Criminology. Gill transferred from Ryerson after the 2015/16 season, and sat out last season due to the transfer rule in U Sports.


1) It’s game day. What is your pre-game meal?

Usually a ham sub from Subway or pasta with lots of veggies paired with orange juice.

2) What is your cheat-day food?

It would have to be a big bag of Reese’s Pieces.

3) If you had to cook one meal to impress, what would you be serving?

That would be take out from a good Italian place (ahaha). Cooking is not my forté.

4) If you had to pick one meal to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tacos! It’s my go-to order when I go to any restaurant.

5) You are hosting a dinner and can invite any person past or present, who is at your table?

I would have to go with Princess Diana! I’ve always been intrigued by her life with the Royal Family and her experiences as a member of it.


1) What was it about your program that drew you in?

I have always been interested in law so criminology is the perfect fit.

2) Which subject has given you the most difficulty?

Math… I prefer words instead of numbers.

3) What is always in your bag when it comes to going to class?

Headphones, laptop, phone/laptop chargers, Clif Bars, my water bottle and Advil.

4) The one academic achievement that you are most proud of?

I received a 3.5 GPA this past semester which I was pretty proud of, as I had a math course that semester.

5) What is the best advice you received to balance school and sports?

It was from my best friend Erica and that was to buy an agenda (a pretty one you want to look at and use) so you can write down all the important dates regarding school and volleyball. That way you are organized and on top of things.

Pop Culture

1) What is one fad/trend that you wish would come back?

Scrunchies. Those are fetch.

2) Everyone has a guilty pleasure song. What is yours?

White Iverson,” I listen to it before every game, usually on repeat. And recently “Everyday We Lit.”

3) What is on your Resume Playing on Netflix right now?

Grey’s Anatomy… because everyone other than me has seen it.

4) What is one fictional place you would want to visit?

Halloweentown… high key always wanted to live there.

5) Growing up, what TV/movie/book character did you always want to be?

Blake Lively in the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


1) Who is the toughest server you have ever faced?

At Ryerson it is was my vet Alex Whyte and at Saint Mary’s it would have to be Maddie Clarke.

2) What has been your most memorable volleyball moment in your career?

Winning an OUA silver medal in my second year

3) What has been your personal favourite dig/kill/block/assist?

It would have to be a block against Queen’s in the OUA quarter- finals in my sophomore season. Their setter made a really great play off of an impossible dig and one of their seniors went down the line with it. My middle (Jena Bonello) and I were definitely not happy about that, so when we went up and got her it was the best feeling. I’m pretty sure we won the set a couple of points later.

4) Developing your game over the years, what was the one aspect that didn’t come as easy to you as others?

Serve receive for sure! It took lots of reps to improve (JK still working on it).

5) Chemistry is a big part of any sport, who was that one teammate that you just clicked with on the court?

Theanna Vernon (Ryerson)! I loved playing with her.


1) You are stuck on an island and you are allowed three items. What are they?

  1. Brita water bottle
  2. Music
  3. My closet

2) If you could challenge anyone to a game of 1-on-1 in any sport, who would it be?

Serena Williams in volleyball… realistically, she would win.

3) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Fly… I’m trying to explore the world.

4) What is your go to dance move?

It’s a side-to-side/shimmy combo.

5) What is something that your friends would say as being “so you”?

I actually asked my friends and they said boujee, savage and loyal (AHAHAHA #ThanksMegs&Ju).